Full Fitting Service

In practise, we fit around 95% of the wood floors that leave our showrooms.

A well fitted wood floor is not really a DIY project. This is due to the fact that there are many specialist tools required to do the job well. Tools which would not normally feature in your average well stocked DIY enthusiast’s garage or shed. Tools which are very expensive to buy.

Our fitting service will start when we come to measure your room. We will do a site survey at this stage, taking moisture readings of the sub floor to make sure it is dry, and use our laser lights to establish whether or not the sub floor is level. We will advise on any remedial works that are required and will explain how we will do these. We will discuss the pros and cons of removing your skirting boards, decide the floor direction, and amongst other things, agree with you as to who will move the existing floor coverings and furniture.

Our floor fitters will be party to all this information when they arrive to lay your floor. They will remove the majority of doors that open into the room to be fitted, and will plain these down for you and re-hang them when finished – all in the fitting price. They will perform any sub floor levelling duties required, and will remove/replace skirting boards as agreed. They will undercut the door frames, linings and architraves and will fit your new floor under these, so that when you look down, all you see is floor – and no ugly gaps and holes.

We offer a professional fitting service. Some of our fitters are employed by us, and the others are sub contractors. The sub contractors that we use are very well known to us, and are regarded as ‘part of our family’. They are fully ‘tooled-up’ fitters who are experienced in all the various methods used for fitting wood floors, be they floated, fully glued or nailed down.

Your new wood floor will be fitted by experts, who have pride in their work.

Between us, we have many, many years experience fitting wood floors, and we are happy to put this experience at your disposal.